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Christmas Fair – Raffle

Festive Hampers

This Christmas we are making hampers to raffle at the Christmas Fair. Our aim is to raise enough to provide a 3 year subscription to an accelerated reader programme for the school (£7,000) as well as other valuable resources.

Each year group has a theme!

Primary 1 – Something Green (e.g eco-friendly or sustainable e.g bamboo toothbrush, After Eights (green packaging), or wine in a green bottle)
Primary 2 – Something Red (e.g red wine, chocolates/chutney with red label or packaging)
Primary 3 – Something White (e.g white wine, white chocolate, popcorn)
Primary 4 – Something Gold or silver (e.g something with gold or silver label or packaging..)
Primary 5 – Sugar & Spice ( e.g herbal tea, mulled wine sachets.. red wine to go with the sachets..chocolate with chilli…)
Primary 6 – Sparkle or Glam (e.g a bottle of fizz, face mask, nail varnish, after dinner mints..anything in sparkly packaging)
Primary 7 – Relaxing Christmas (e.g a face mask, hand cream.. a hot water bottle..bubble bath..)

Please send in any donations to school with your child from Monday 19th Nov. Each year group will have a collection point near their classrooms.

Many thanks.

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Additional Support Needs ASN Judo Taster Sessions and Festival

ASN JUDO TASTER parent mail letter 241018


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eNews October 2018

Dear Parents, Carers,

Welcome back to all for term 2 !

Whole School Photo

Information regarding the whole school photograph was sent out earlier this week if this is something you are interested.

Road Safety

Today at assembly we talked about the clocks going back and the implications of darker mornings and being seen as a pedestrian. The new crossing on Bonaly Road is very useful however there are a small number of children crossing directly into the private residency road (potentially where there are vehicles) rather than using the raised crossing area which has been designed for maximum visibility for pedestrians. Can I ask you to remind your children to use the designated crossing area.

Health and Well-Being – Head Lice

“It’s thought that up to one in three children in the UK may get head lice at some point during the year. A head lice infestation isn’t the result of dirty hair or poor hygiene. All types of hair can be affected, regardless of its length and condition.” (NHS)
As a school we follow Scottish Government / Local authority guidance regarding head lice.
I would therefore appreciate if you were regularly able to follow the detection / treatment (if appropriate) advice from NHS (http://www.nhs.uk/Conditions/Head-lice/Pages/Introduction.aspx ) Detection combing is the best way of finding head lice.

Term 2 events
This, as always, is a very busy term – details of planned events will be sent out shortly.

Peter Gorrie
Peter Gorrie | Head Teacher | Bonaly Primary School | 57 Bonaly Road | Edinburgh | EH13 0FJ | Tel 0131 441 7211 Email: admin@bonaly.edin.sch.

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Norovirus Advice

Please see below that all schools have received today from NHS.

By following this advice we can minimise the likelihood of an outbreak at Bonaly.




A number of schools across Lothian have reported an increase in pupils with vomiting and/or diarrhoea.  The symptoms are suggestive of viral gastroenteritis (also known as norovirus or winter vomiting disease) which is known to be currently circulating in the community.  It is usually a short lived self-limiting illness from which children and adults recover quickly.


Further information about norovirus and its prevention can be found at https://www.nhsinform.scot/illnesses-and-conditions/infections-and-poisoning/norovirus



Therefore to minimise the likelihood of developing norovirus


  • If your child develops vomiting and/or diarrhoea please ensure they remain off school until they have been symptom free for at least 48 hours.  This advice applies at all times.  So for instance if your child becomes unwell over the weekend they should not attend school on Monday even if by then they feel well.


  • Ensure that all members of your family wash their hands frequently using warm water and liquid soap, especially after using the toilet and before eating or preparing food.





Peter Gorrie

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