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Monday 15th May

Dear Parents/Carers

Just to update you on some movements of staff for next session.

I am delighted to let you know that Mrs Sarah Harris, currently teacher at Dean Park Primary School has been appointed as Principal teacher to Bonaly. Mrs Harris will join us for the start of the session in August.

At the end of this session Miss Jackson will be leaving Bonaly – she is relocating to Wales. Miss Jackson has been a very enthusiastic member of Bonaly staff for the last 3 years. The children have benefitted hugely from her skills and positive approach.

We also bid a temporary goodbye to Mrs Gair who is looking forward to gaining teaching experience in another country. She is off to Dubai, from August, for two years. Mrs Gair is a very popular teacher and goes the extra mile for the children in the school.

Mrs Gair, Miss Jackson and of course Mrs Ewart (retiring at the end of June) will very much be missed by the children, staff and families.

The recruitment process is underway for new permanent and temporary members of staff.

Peter Gorrie


25th April 2017

Dear parents / carers

I hope you had an enjoyable Easter. This eNews gives information on Red Nose Day, Sports Day, Class Organisation for Session 2017-18, Staffing, Local and National Elections, Health and Well Being, Events, Class and Group Photographs, ParentPay and School Session Dates.

Red Nose Day

Prior to the Easter holidays, P7 organised, as part of their learning, Red Nose Day fundraising events. They raised a magnificent £984.44. Particular mention to Aimie and Scarlett who made and sold a variety of key rings.

Sports Day

An email was sent out yesterday giving information about Sports Day. I have been in discussion with the parent council and other parents regarding the activities which are part of this. I would appreciate if you took part in a brief survey on your views about the format which has run the last two years. In particular the balance of activity for all versus individual competition.

The link to this survey is https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/BPSSPORTS

Please complete this by Wednesday 3rd May. Myself and Mrs Jeffrey,our PE specialist, and a couple of reps from the Parent Council will meet to discuss these findings on the 5th May.

Class Organisation Session 2017-18

Next session there will be two classes at each stage and a P1/2 composite class. We appreciate that having a P1/2 class will be slightly different from previous years and parents may have some questions about how this will be organised. We plan to hold an informal information evening on 23rd May at 7pm. All P1 and P2 parents will be invited to attend, however the main focus will on parents whose children will be in the composite class.

Information regarding teachers and classes for next session will be shared later this term. As you can see below there are some staff changes which will have an impact on this.


I am delighted to inform you that Miss McGowan has been appointed as permanent Principal Teacher with a significant part of her remit being Support for Learning (SfL) management and teaching responsibility in SfL.

The second Principal Teacher position will have a more generic curriculum / learning and teaching remit with along with a teaching responsibility. The short leet interviews are being held on Thursday.

Mr Johnston has been successful in securing a teaching position with the City of Edinburgh Council and I am delighted that following a successful probation year he will now be a permanent member of staff at Bonaly.

Mrs Ewart, who has given 27 years of dedicated service in the nursery will be retiring at the end of this school year. Her experience, expertise and enthusiasm will be very much missed by children, staff and families.

Mrs Stewart, who teaches P3 a day a week has been given the opportunity to increase the number days at Prestonfield where she also currently works. She will therefore not be returning to Bonaly in August. Juggling teaching at two schools is certainly not an easy task! She has been a very supportive and well respected member of staff and she will be missed.

Local and U.K. Elections

On Thursday 5th May all schools in Edinburgh are closed to pupils for an In Service Day. This being an agreed arrangement to minimise learning impact on schools that are used as polling stations for the local election.

Bonaly is not usually used as polling station (and have not heard to the contrary) so please assume that that Bonaly will be open as normal on the General Election Day in June.

Health and Well-Being

“It’s thought that up to one in three children in the UK may get head lice at some point during the year. A head lice infestation isn’t the result of dirty hair or poor hygiene. All types of hair can be affected, regardless of its length and condition.” (NHS)

As a school we follow Scottish Government / Local authority guidance regarding head lice.

I would therefore appreciate if you were regularly able to follow the detection / treatment (if appropriate) advice from NHS (http://www.nhs.uk/Conditions/Head-lice/Pages/Introduction.aspx ) Detection combing is the best way of finding head lice.

The summer term is always very busy with activities and educational trips organised for the children and community. Class activities will be intimated to individual classes.

I would however like to draw your attention to a couple of community events – The fun run / sponsored walk will take place on Friday 12th May and our Summer School Fayre will be on Saturday the 3rd of June. This is a wonderful community event and we look forward to seeing everyone there!

Class and Group Photographs

The school photographer will be with us on Tuesday 9 May to take class/ group photos.


We now have a large number of our parents signed up to using the new on-line system ParentPay. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your cooperation and we hope that you are finding it as useful as we are.

All lunch orders for P1-7 must now come via ParentPay. Please remember that lunch orders close Wednesdays 12am Midnight one week in advance. If you are experiencing any issues with activating your account, please do get in touch with Miss Robertson or Ms Tait in the school office who will be happy to help.

Mid-term holidays
• Monday 1 May 2017, May Day
• Thursday 4 May 2017, staff only day to coincide with Scottish local government election
• Monday 22 May 2017, Victoria Day
Term ends Friday 30 June 2017

School Session Dates 2017-18

Dates for holidays are inclusive so, for example, for 12 October – 20 October, pupils return on the 21st.
Autumn Term starts Wednesday 16 August 2017
Mid-term holidays
• Monday 18 September 2017, Autumn holiday
• Monday 16 October – Monday 23 October 2017, mid term break
Term ends Friday 22 December 2017
Christmas holidays
Monday 25 December 2017 – Monday 8 January 2018
Term starts Tuesday 9 January 2018
Mid-term holidays
• Monday 12 February – Friday 16 February 2018, mid term break
Term ends Thursday 29 March 2018
Easter holidays
Friday 30 March – Monday 16 April 2018
Term starts Tuesday 17 April 2018
Mid-term holidays
• Monday 7 May 2018, May Day
• Tuesday 8 May 2018, staff only day
• Monday 21 May 2018, Victoria Day
Term ends Friday 29 June 2018
Many thanks for your on-going support.

Peter Gorrie

IMPORTANT – ParentPay Activation Information

Dear Parent/Carer
The activation letters for ParentPay will be coming home with your child TODAY. We are delighted that the new system is up and running and are sure that it will make an enormous difference to all.
Please use the attached information leaflets “How to Create a ParentPay Account” and “Frequently Asked Questions” to help you get started.

Creating An Account in ParentPay instructions


Frequently Asked Questions


Should you require a paper copy of these leaflets, or any assistance, please feel free to contact the school office.
To take us up to the Easter holidays we would ask that lunches are ordered in the normal way. However, as of today you will be able to pre order lunches for our first week back and beyond.

Please see below for our new instructions for lunch orders:


• P1 – 7 lunches will now all be ordered online.

• Orders must be placed a minimum of one week in advance, by midnight on a Wednesday.

• You can order up to 100 days in advance!

• Orders required for the first week back after Easter must be placed by Wednesday 12 April, otherwise please provide your child with a home packed lunch.

• Although no payment is required for P1-3 and those in receipt of free school meals, a lunch order must be completed.
• Reminder emails will be sent out where possible, but please check your account regularly to ensure you are up to date.

One Off Payments – Trips/ Milk/ Nursery Snack/ Nursery Toy Fund

• Payment requests will be added to your account as required.

• Please ensure balance due is paid by the due date wherever possible.

• ParentPay email will be issued to alert you to when a request has been added.

 We have also set up a ParentPay email address specifically for ParentPay enquiries: