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December 2019 eNews

This eNews contains information on



Christmas Fair

Health and Safety

Wider Achievement

End of term




Mrs Adair and Mrs Borthwick, Pupil support assistants,  are retiring at Christmas. They have both given many years of wonderful service to the children and families at Bonaly. Mrs Borthwick for 19 years and Mrs Adair for 25 years. They have seen many changes to their role and within the school during this time. They will be missed ! We wish them a very healthy and happy retirement.


We welcome, starting in January,  Miss Rebecca Steel, Miss Nicole Robertson, Mrs Jackson Dyke and Mr Patterson in providing additional support for our learners.


Following Dr Walker leaving in October we have recruited a new Support for Learning teacher. Miss Mulholland was successful in being appointed to this post. From January, at least till Easter, Miss Mulholland will be working full-time as SfL post. This is usually a 0.5 post however this acknowledges that there was a reduction from Oct to Christmas. Following further recruitment, P6a will be taught by Miss Smith who taught P5a for an extended spell in October and November.



Christmas Fair


A huge thank you to all those who supported the school Christmas Fair. A phenomenal £3,027 was raised. As a school we hugely appreciate this it provides additional opportunities and resources for the children. Theses funds will go towards Christmas Parties, Visiting pantomime and additional laptop computers.


It is also good to see the children taking responsibility for stalls. A great learning opportunity. The nursery, P4, P6 and P7 between them raised nearly £800. The other stages have their opportunity at the summer fair.


However the school fair would not be the success it is without the many many volunteers who help out and give of their time. In particular huge thanks to Ailsa Veitch and the team who organised the fair.


Health and Safety


Health and Well-Being – Head Lice


“It’s thought that up to one in three children in the UK may get head lice at some point during the year. A head lice infestation isn’t the result of dirty hair or poor hygiene. All types of hair can be affected, regardless of its length and condition.” (NHS)


As a school we follow Scottish Government / Local authority guidance regarding head lice. I would therefore appreciate if you were regularly able to follow the detection / treatment (if appropriate) advice from NHS (http://www.nhs.uk/Conditions/Head-lice/Pages/Introduction.aspx  ) Detection combing is the best way of finding head lice.


Keeping in Touch – Contacting the School


I am sure you appreciate that for health and safety reasons all visitors / parents coming to the school must report to the office at the main entrance. This applies to both within school hours and out with these times. For general enquiries, reporting absences, and to arrange appointments please contact the school office on 0131 441 7211 or by email on admin@bonaly.edin.sch.uk . We will always try to respond to any queries as soon as possible but I am sure you appreciate that first thing in the morning staff are preparing for the upcoming day, similarly there will also be end of the day commitments.


Road Safety


It is unfortunate that I continue to receive concerns from parents and local residents regarding inconsiderate and illegal parking. Ultimately, we wish to minimise the chance of accidents – however there are still a small minority of adults dropping / collecting children who show little consideration of potential dangers caused by their road use. Can I please urge you to consider whether it is necessary to bring a vehicle and if so could you park 5 minutes away from the school – thus avoiding potential dangers where there are larger volumes of pedestrians. Thank you!


Severe Weather


Last week saw cosmetic damage to the flashing on the angled wall near the main school entrance. Temporary exit / entry arrangements were put in place for nursery and the school. The next step is for this to be replaced so that the school is back to looking a splendid as ever. Thank you for your understanding with this.


Wider Achievement


Congratulations to our Sportshall Athletics team who are through to the final in January after winning their heat earlier this month.


Many of our children have contributed to the Robert Louis Stevenson inspired art work in Colinton Tunnel. This is well worth a visit if you haven’t done so already.


P6 led an assembly sharing important messages around bullying during anti-bullying week.


Our P1 and P2 last week showed great talent in performing the nativity story.


End of Term


Just a reminder that school closes on Friday 20th December at 12 Noon.

School opens to children on Thursday Jan 9th. (Tuesday 7th, Wednesday 8th are INSET days for staff)


I hope that you all have a very happy and enjoyable festive season.



Best wishes,



Peter Gorrie

Peter Gorrie | Head Teacher | Bonaly Primary School | 57 Bonaly Road | Edinburgh | EH13 0FJ | Tel 0131 441 7211
| admin@bonaly.edin.sch.uk | www.bonaly.edin.sch.uk | @BonalyPrimary

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Starting Primary 1 in August 2020?

Was your child born between 1st March 2015 and 28th February 2016?

If you are in the catchment of Bonaly Primary School and would like to apply for a Primary 1 place starting in August 2020, registration is taking place w/c 4th November.

You will need your child’s birth certificate, your most recent Council Tax bill and an additional proof of address (e.g. utilities bill) dated within the last 3 months.

Please sign up to one of the time slots at the school office or phone on 0131 441 7211.

You will have the opportunity to fill out the relevant paperwork, be given a guided tour of the school by our senior pupils and meet Mrs Miller, our Depute Head Teacher or Mrs Harris, our Principal Teacher.

City of Edinburgh Council School Open Day

The City of Edinburgh council also promote a school open day – this date is Wednesday 30th October at 11:00 or 1:30 and you will have the opportunity to have a tour of the school. It is not necessary to come to this if you are signing up to to the above P1 registration slots. Please contact the school on 0131 441 7211 if you intend to visit us.

Thanks, Peter Gorrie, Headteacher

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Walking Bus

The Woodfield Avenue Walking Bus is looking for new members to join. The Walking Bus is a safe, convenient and fun way to travel to school every morning. Meet at the bus stop at the top of Woodfield Avenue at 8.25am with a view to leave at 8.30am. We make a stop at the bottom of Bonaly Road to pick up again and leave at 8.40am. Parents of children on the walking bus must volunteer to walk at least one morning a week. For more information contact anouskacurzon@gmail.com.

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The Bonaly Blether

The Bonaly Blether (Issue 1)

I am delighted to share the work of some of our P7s who have shown some terrific desktop publishing skills in producing “The Bonaly Blether” which has a sample of some of the learning from different classes across the school from this term.


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Norovirus Advice

Please see below that all schools have received today from NHS.

By following this advice we can minimise the likelihood of an outbreak at Bonaly.




A number of schools across Lothian have reported an increase in pupils with vomiting and/or diarrhoea.  The symptoms are suggestive of viral gastroenteritis (also known as norovirus or winter vomiting disease) which is known to be currently circulating in the community.  It is usually a short lived self-limiting illness from which children and adults recover quickly.


Further information about norovirus and its prevention can be found at https://www.nhsinform.scot/illnesses-and-conditions/infections-and-poisoning/norovirus



Therefore to minimise the likelihood of developing norovirus


  • If your child develops vomiting and/or diarrhoea please ensure they remain off school until they have been symptom free for at least 48 hours.  This advice applies at all times.  So for instance if your child becomes unwell over the weekend they should not attend school on Monday even if by then they feel well.


  • Ensure that all members of your family wash their hands frequently using warm water and liquid soap, especially after using the toilet and before eating or preparing food.





Peter Gorrie

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