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16th December 2016

Dear Parents / Carers

This eNews has information on Festivities, Folios of Learning, Staffing, School Attainment and Colinton Amenity Association


The Christmas season is in full swing at Bonaly – Parties, Nativity, Pantomime and Music celebrations. Many thanks to all staff for the hard work and enthusiasm, not only at this time of year but throughout this term.

The Christmas Fair was a great success raising around £3000. These events do not run themselves, so a huge thank you to all involved in the organisation and running of the event on the day; those who contributed items for the stalls; the children and staff from the Nursery, P4, P6 and P7; and of course those families who supported the event.

Just a reminder that school finishes at 12 Noon on Thursday 22nd December and the children return on Tuesday 10th January. Monday 9th January is an In-Service Day for staff.

Folios of Learning

In schoolbags today is the folio of learning along with an explanatory letter and a home feedback sheet. These are also attached to this eNews. Could the folio and feedback sheet please be returned by next Wednesday (21st Dec) at the latest.




Mrs Darroch will be returning in January following her operation. She has however, decided that after 37 years in the teaching profession, that the time is right for her to retire. She will therefore be finishing at the February break. Mrs Darroch has given many years of dedicated hard work to Bonaly and she will be greatly missed by us all. Similarly Mrs O’Carroll, who has been Support for Learning Teacher at Bonaly predominantly working with the younger children has also decided to leave at the end of January. Mrs O’Carroll has supported many children particularly in literacy and through her expertise has had great success in boosting children’s confidence and competency in phonics, spelling and reading.

School Attainment

You may be aware that Scottish Government this week published statistics regarding achievement of levels in Scottish schools. For more information and background to this see https://public.tableau.com/profile/sg.eas.learninganalysis#!/vizhome/AchievementofCurriculumforExcellenceCfELevels201516/Dashboard1

The results for Bonaly , showing for 2015/16 90+% of pupils at P1, P4, P7 (Expected stage where levels should ‘typically’ be achieved).

Colinton Amenity Association

Earlier this year you were kind enough to assist Colinton Amenity Association with a survey regarding possible improvements to Spylaw Park Play Area, and maybe you read in the Colinton Magazine that their application for funding to the Tesco Bags of Help initiative was unsuccessful. Now there has been another opportunity to apply for much smaller grants, and the Association’s project has been chosen as one of the three being shortlisted in our Tesco area. The Association is asking that you use your vote in store so that they can win the top prize, of up to £5,000. Voting is by plastic token obtainable at the checkouts and dropped into the appropriate slot in the voting box, every time you shop in the month of December. According to how much they receive it is intended that the funds will be used to install a few additional play items and to brighten up the park with bulbs to naturalise under the trees, planted by volunteers from the community. The Association thanks you for your support.

May I take this opportunity to wish you and your families a very happy Christmas and festive season.

Best wishes,

Peter Gorrie