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This week Primary 5 have been continuing to learn about Europe. We have been comparing the topography of Scotland with our allocated European countries. Some pupils have created powerpoint presentations in their own time which have helped others learn even more!

We have heard about Machu Picchu in Peru in Wondrous Wednesday. We were really interested in the way that ancient civilisations managed to build such amazing places without the aid of modern machinery.

In Health and Well-being we studied various techniques that can be used to manage difficult feelings such as anxiety. We were able to demonstrate our learning by creating mini dramatisations and presentations about anxiety-relieving strategies.

In Maths we have been revising how to tell the time, using both analogue and digital clocks and discussing ways in which we might calculate time differences. We also created clocks and instructions for younger pupils to assist them with their time-telling skills.

In Language we have concentrated on how we might summarise a known text. We decided that our success criteria should be that:-
1. The summary should include the main facts and events that help move the story forward;
2. The summary should include facts in order;
3. Openers which link the events in order should be used; and
4. The main themes of the text should be identified (e.g. the fight of good against bad).

We’re also continuing our exploration of shape and colour in our artwork where we have been deciding what our own responses to the abstract paintings of Kandinsky are. We have also had a chance to create our own “Concentric Circles” art using colours which mean something to each of us.

We have also enjoyed, number work with spicy challenges, class novels and hearing our classmate’s news. We were delighted with the personal achievements of several pupils with fantastic results in diving and gymnastics!

A productive week Primary 5!




8th September 2017


Primary 5 have been hard at work over the last two weeks. We learned about the UN Charter on the Rights of the Child and put our learning into practice when deciding on the contents of our class charter. We split into working groups to come up with ideas on how we could use our rights in school.


In connection with ongoing research into our Europe topic, we watched a presentation on some European artists including Charles Rennie Macintosh and Picasso. We thought about the effect of the lines and colour on the design and mood of the artwork and created some of our own works of art!

In writing we created some of our own funny versions of well-known fairy tales, after reading some hilarious “twisted fairy tales” written by Roald Dahl and other authors. We tried to use as many ‘wondrous words’ as we could!


We extended this learning about our writing by looking at some PERSUASIVE texts. We realised that we all had excellent powers of persuasion when it came to persuading people at home to buy us things! We focused on using various PERSUASIVE DEVICES such as:- alliteration, repetition, superlatives and emotive language. Next, we created our own pieces of persuasive writing in response to a letter from “The Journal of Evil Teachers” which proposed that school children shouldn’t get play time! Finally, we used our success criteria to self-assess our writing and create some steps for success for every pupil.

In maths we have been learning about the importance of PLACE VALUE in number and been applying it to a series of maths challenges in our weekly maths carousel. We have also spent some time working on practical challenges in maths using measurements, converting measurements and setting questions for ourselves using Bloom’s hierarchy of learning.

In addition to all of this we have also learned lots about wonderful places in the world in “Wondrous Wednesday”. So far we have learned about:- Table Mountain, The Grand Canyon and The Great Barrier Reef. We all agreed that we live in a wonderful world!

On “Famous Friday” we have learned about astronaut Tim Peake, sculptor Andy Scott and explorer Captain Cook. We love that a lot of these famous people have shown that they have a Growth Mindset when faced with setbacks.

We have completed an afternoon of STEM challenge group work using a variety of resources to build a structure (5B) or a protection for an egg (5A). We learned a lot about forces and their effects and also made plenty of mess with marshmallows and eggs!

In Health and Well being we continue to develop strategies to deal with difficult emotions such as anxiety, bereavement and fear. The Big Ideas on Class DOJO have given us some ideas on how we might use talking, breathing and drawing to manage these feelings.

Throughout the day the classes have worked well and show great enthusiasm and drive to achieve their targets. We have been especially pleased with the camaraderie among the pupils and feel that they are really pulling together as a caring and hard-working year-group. Well done children!

1st September 2017