Religious Observance


“School assemblies are varied and diverse. Whole school assemblies can be very positive occasions, particularly when they recognise and celebrate achievement. They can be used very effectively to share information and expectations with children, young people and staff. Effective provision ensures that a clear distinction is made between assemblies arranged for the purpose of RO and assemblies arranged for other purposes such as, for example, celebrating success. Members of the school community, including children, young people and their parents sometimes wish to contribute to RO within the school, and staff can ensure that this happens in an appropriate way.”

Almost all assemblies led by SLT will have an element of reflection. These will also include appropriate themed music / songs. Celebration of school, class and individual achievements will be an integral part of these assemblies.
Assemblies led by classes are an opportunity to share recent learning and / or about upcoming school events. They will also feature celebration of achievements.


Time for Reflection (Religious Observance)

“Effective RO is active, engaging, challenging and thought provoking. It supports children and young people in the development of their own set of beliefs and values, and it allows them the opportunity for deeper reflection about the beliefs and values of others. This enables each and every individual to gain a sense of his or her own place in the world.”
“RO can be an engaging, challenging and reflective experience that enables children and young people to explore, evaluate and reflect on a range of views to help form their own. This happens in many stimulating and often thought-provoking contexts that are sensitive to and respectful of everyone’s right to their own beliefs and values.”
Parents have the right to withdraw their child from Religious Observance.
“Exercising the right to withdraw should never involve a child or young person feeling excluded – nor should parents feel under any pressure to avoid exercising their right to withdraw.”
Any parent / carer who wishes their child to be withdrawn from Religious Observance should let the school know so that appropriate arrangements can be put in place.