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School Lunches at Bonaly are provided by Scholarest and cooked freshly every day onsite. A school lunch costs £2.20 per day which should be paid via ParentPay.

• P1 – 7 lunches will now all be ordered online.

• Orders must be placed a minimum of one week in advance, by midnight on a Wednesday.

• You can order up to 100 days in advance!

• Although no payment is required for P1-3 and those in receipt of free school meals, a lunch order must be completed.

It is essential that pre ordering is completed so that all children can be catered for. Also the choice you make in advance is the one which your child must take on the day.

On a Friday, only children who attend the After School Club will be able to pre-order a cooked lunch. Packed lunches will be available for the remaining P1 – P3 children, if pre-ordered. Children will be able to collect these from the dining hall and take them home when the school closes at lunchtime.



Our Current Menu

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Children can have a two-course hot meal, hot vegetarian meal, jacket potato with assorted fillings or a packed lunch. A soup option is offered on some days and your child will be asked in the lunch hall whether they would prefer the soup or the pudding. Packed lunch fillings are specified each day so your child should choose at the beginning of the week.

There are two lunch supervisors to assist with lunches and children are encouraged to try everything and to eat everything from their packed lunches. Anything not eaten from packed lunches will be returned so that you can see what is not being eaten so that you can discuss this with your child. Please do not send glass containers or hot soups in case of accident.

Please avoid any peanut or nut based products as we have several children in school with severe  allergies.

Further information regarding school lunch provision can be found at or by contacting

Find out if you can get help with free school meals and help towards school uniform costs at Edinburgh Council