Walking Bus

walkingbuslargeA walking bus is a fun, healthy and environmentally friendly way of travelling to school. It also reduces the number of cars around the school, making it safer for all of our children.


Children and adults walk in a group along a set route, picking up ‘passengers’ on their journey to school.

The current ratio is 1:6 with a minimum of two adults each morning; an adult ‘driver’ at the front of the bus and a ‘conductor’ at the back, ensuring everyone gets to school safely and on time. It is great fun and children get to walk with their classmates and make new friends too. The average age seems to be P1 – P4. There are lots of fun ‘chats’ in the morning and even some singing in the rain.

  • everyone is expected to wear a high-viz bib
  • adults must be on the school volunteer register
  • children can walk for as many days as is required
  • parents are expected to be able to walk on one morning per week
  • the bus leaves at approx. 8.25/8.30

The Bonaly Primary Walking Bus is free, healthy and totally non-polluting. Everyone gains with a walking bus so why not choose to come on board and choose the healthy, safe option.


Contact the school office for further details.