Council Members

The Current Parent Council are


Chair (acting)                    Alasdair Seftor

Vice Chair                          Dave Moore

Treasuer                             Simon Greenman

Vice Treasurer                  Alicia Columbine Green

Headmaster                      Peter Gorrie

Chair of Fundraising Committee         Ailsa Veitch

Clerk                                   Kim McAllister

Clubs                                  Mariana Inche

Teacher rep                   Linda Macdonald

PEG                                    Emma Williams            

Nursery                            Joanne Brooks

Nursery                            Lizzy Campbell

P1 rep                                Sarah Walsh

P2                                        Louise Spence

P3                                       Mohaya Umarova

P4                                       Nicola Casey

P5                                      Claire Pattullo

P6                                     Nichola Pearce

P7                                     Graham Hunter

ASN rep                        Fiona Hourston

Jason Rust local councillor

Scott Arthur local councillor




Further information on parental engagement or parent groups can be found at: